Sir Pereval

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Sir Pereval, bearing a scroll from Darkhaven for his liege, rests here.


  • Area: The King's Castle
  • Status: Neutral
  • Alignment: Devout
  • Race: Human
  • Class: Warrior
  • Level Range: 50-55


A knight from Darkhaven, Pereval is a courier between the king and 
Duke Luther, carrying documents of utmost urgency to and fro. Currently,
he is as worried as the rest of the court about the theft of the three
artifacts, and is ferrying the concern of the Duke to the king. A tall,
bearded man of enormous size, it would be a brave warrior indeed who
challenged him in battle.


  • RoD: 13e, 3s, 3e, 2ne, 3se, e, 2s, sw, s, se, s, se, 2e, 2ne, 3e, 3n, e
  • zMUD: #13 e;#3 s;#3 e;ne;ne;#3 se;e;s;s;sw;s;se;s;se;e;e;ne;ne;#3 e;#3 n;e
  • MUSH: #13e 3s 3e 2(ne) 3(se) e 2s (sw) s (se) s (se) 2e 2(ne) 3e 3n e



Used as lighta Sigil of Law
Worn on bodythe livery of the royal house
Wieldeda black steel broadsword


Unknown coins 



  • Chars: 1 hitter (Paladin will do)
  • Weapons: Any
  • IP Check: None
  • Spells for Tank: Basic spells


A single Paladin can easily bring down Sir Pereval as he doesn't do much damage. What he does do is gouge, but given how low his damage output is you could choose to just tank through it rather than worry about trues or bethsaidean to shake off the effect. Beware that Pereval disarms and one of the mobs that wanders into his room, the maidservant, will scoop up your weapon if it's on the floor while she is around. Other than that, this is about as straightforward a fight as you could ask for. The poprate on leggings appears to be about 1/3 while IP1.

Choke/fleeing with a barbarian is a very efficient method for killing Sir Pereval.