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Help File

Statistics (stats) are a representation of your character's physical and
mental aspects. Every character has seven different stats:

strength (str)                   wisdom (wis)
intelligence (int)               dexterity (dex)
constitution (con)               charisma (cha)
luck (lck)

Your character begins the game with "base stats" that may be altered by
the use of equipment and/or spells. In general, each class has a primary,
secondary, and deficient stat. A primary stat has a maximum value of 25.
A secondary stat has a maximum value of 22, and a deficient stat has a
maximum value of 18. All other stats have a maximum value of 20. The
primary, secondary, and deficient stats for a class are identified in the
class helpfile.

For more specific information on each stat, type HELP <STAT>


Statistics are attributes of your character that decide various aspects of the game. Statistics may be augmented by the various leveling spells, but it is still important for a character to have the stats that matter for their class relatively high. For example, a thief should have high strength, dexterity and luck. All the statistics are important while leveling, because they decide the hit points, mana and movement points, among others, that the character will gains.

Class Statistic Table

The prime, secondary and deficient stats for each class. Note: Vampires do not have any deficiencies.
Rangers have a skill (mercuria) to raise the Dex limit to 22

Class Prime Stat Secondary Stat Deficient Stat
Mage Intelligence Wisdom Strength
Cleric Wisdom Intelligence Dexterity
Thief Dexterity Charisma Wisdom
Warrior Strength Dexterity Intelligence
Vampire Dexterity Intelligence ---
Druid Wisdom Constitution Charisma
Ranger Strength Wisdom Charisma
Augurer Wisdom Luck Dexterity
Paladin Strength Wisdom Intelligence
Nephandi Intelligence Dexterity Luck
Fathomer Dexterity Intelligence Constitution
Bladesinger Dexterity Strength Luck