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Statistics (stats) are a representation of your character's physical and mental aspects. Every character has seven different stats: strength (str) wisdom (wis) intelligence (int) dexterity (dex) constitution (con) charisma (cha) luck (lck)

Your character begins the game with "base stats" that may be altered by the use of equipment and/or spells. In general, each class has a primary, secondary, and deficient stat. A primary stat has a maximum value of 25. A secondary stat has a maximum value of 22, and a deficient stat has a maximum value of 18. All other stats have a maximum value of 20. The primary, secondary, and deficient stats for a class are identified in the class helpfile.

For more specific information on each stat, type HELP <STAT>


  • A base stat of 13 is consider to be equal to what the average person could do.
  • Statistics control how your character performs. General characters which have high base statistics for primary and secondary stattistics are deemed more valuable and preferable as they will be able to perform Class actions better then character with low base statistics.
  • The current statistics of a non-avatar character at the time of leveling has an effect on how much hit points, mana, moves and how many practice sessions are gained. However it should be noted that other factors play into gains of a character.
  • There are a collection of mage spells to boast statistics. These are generally refered to as "Leveling Spells" as these spells are commonally used on low level characters to improves their statistics.
  • The amount a character can carry is directly effected by their strength
  • Some actions are effected by dexterity (IE quaffing a potion during combat)
  • Many skills are effected by dexterity, strength and luck
  • Most spells strenght of effective and lenght are controlled by the casters wisdom and intelligence

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