Sunless Sea

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Area Directions

At the starting prompt By what name are you known (or "new" to create a new character), type new and follow the prompts. The game begins in the room marked in blue.

Mortals cannot return to this area once they have entered The Halls of Knowledge.

Area Information

  • Author: Loril
  • Credits:
  • Level Range: 0 - 65
  • Repop Message: From somewhere in the distance beyond view, a despairing wail echoes.
  • Astral/Portal Point:
  • Mob/Item List: Sunless Sea


Tales of the Sunless Sea are legendary: endless underground seas populated by horrific monsters, entire underground cities where Drow scheme and perform elaborate rituals, and vast mountain ranges where Dwarves work secret mines are only a few. One such story tells of an intense magical battle that took its toll even above ground. What is known for certain is that an ancient tower crumbled, leaving an exit from the Sunless Sea.

Area Notes

Area Map