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Supplicate begs your deity for aid. You must be devoted to a deity and have
sufficient favor to make such a request. You may supplicate:

Syntax: supplicate <corpse>
          corpse   retrieves your corpse from supplicatable room(s)
          avatar   summons an avatar of your deity
          object   summons a sigil of your deity
          recall   sends you to your recall point (bypasses norecall flags)
          restore  completely restores hitpoints, mana, and movement


Deadlies may supplicate corpse only after a 1/3 of the corpse timer has

Avatars are much like pets. To get rid of one, use the dismiss command.

Some rooms block all supplication and some block only certain aspects of
supplicate. They are not common, but be aware they exist.


Supplicate - or supp - is the act of asking your deity for assistance. A character devoted to a deity may request certain types of assistance in times of need. The possible requests are corpse, avatar, object, recall and restore. If the character making the supplication has sufficient favor with their deity the request will be granted. If not the message "Your favor is insufficient." If the player has no deity the message is instead "You have no deity to supplicate to."

  • Supplicate corpse instantly transfers any and all of your corpses into the room you are in.
  • Supplicate avatar summon an avatar of your deity (a pet, basically) to help you fight, though it seldom helps much.
  • Supplicate object gifts you with a light to wear, e.g. the sigil of Grishnakh. They are good items but you must maintain decent favor to keep wearing it.
  • Supplicate recall allows you to recall when you have no way of doing so or are in a norecall room.
  • Supplicate restore completely fills your hitpoints, movement points, and mana or blood points.

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