Tank Set

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A collection of Mage and Cleric potions used by avatar characters during runs and quest to limit the damage they take from Mobiles or in the case of player kills from other characters.


Mage Potions:

Cleric Potions:


  • If your character needs to quaff these spells then they will generally also need a number of heals with them.
  • As True Sight and Eldritch Sphere are very short spells they are often held back until just before the fight starts and/or are re-quaffed during the fight.
  • Tank Set as sold by Orestes:
You take a closer look at a rune-covered bag in inventory...
You see nothing special.
A rune-covered bag appears to be somewhat empty.
A rune-covered bag contains:
    a protection potion (2)
    a sanctuary potion (2)
    a bless potion
    a create spring potion (2)
    a true sight potion (4)
    an antimagic shell potion
    a valiance potion
    an ogre might potion
    a blazeward potion
    an inner warmth potion
    a demonskin potion
    a dragonskin potion
    a slink potion
    an eldritch sphere potion (3)
    a shadowform potion (2)
    a dispel magic potion
    a grounding potion

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