Temple of the Moon

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Area Directions

  • ZMud: nw;w;w;#4 n;e;look painting;open n;n;#49 w;#8 s;sw;#3 w;n
  • MUSHClient: #(nw) 2w 4n e (look painting) (open n) n 49w 8s (sw) 3w n
  • General: nw, 2w, 4n, e, look painting, open n, n, 49w, 8s, sw, 3w, n

Area Information

  • Author: Akael
  • Credits: Scherezade (Original Version)
  • Level Range: Recommended 30 - 49, can enter at least by level 26*.
  • Repop Message: A soft harmony of adoration rings through the air...
  • Astral/Portal Point: None (noastral/noportal)
  • Mob/Item List: Temple of the Moon


In the Northern Plains lies a Temple dedicated to the eternal
and everchanging phases of the Moon. Rebuilt over the ashes of
an older temple, the Priestfolk there spend their days seeking
ways to aid their fellow man...through learning, healing, and
charity. They gladly accept fellow worshippers, or anybody who
is interested in their Goddess and her teachings.

Area Notes

Temple of the Moon used to be a simple area that was good for golding and leveling and not much else. It has since been reimagined by Akael and actually has a storyline and proper mobs.

  • No avatars can enter this area. However, the minimum level is not known, although level 26s have been tested to be able to enter.

Area Map


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