The Advent Breastplate

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A white seraphic breastplate ornated with ancient religious motifs lies here.


Object 'the Advent Breastplate' is infused with your magic...
It is a level 50 armor, weight 3.
Locations it can be worn:  body
Special properties:  hum bless
Classes allowed:  Paladin
Genres allowed:  divinity
Alignments allowed:  good
This armor has a gold value of 76400.
Armor class is 30 of 30.
Affects damage roll by 8.
Affects hp by 140.
Affects mana by 100.
Affects resistant:unholy by 10%.
Affects wisdom by 1.
Affects strength by 2.



A classic motif of divine birth and motherly love ornaments this breastplate,
white like fair angel feathers. Long ago, the hegemonic religion in the Realm
was a monotheistic one centered around an unseen, almighty deity. Long since
abandoned for the more modern and realistic polytheism, the art that has
survived from those days continues to impress people even today.
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