The Astral Plane

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  • General: 3u
  • zMUD: #3 u
  • MUSHClient: #3u


  • Author(s): Andi
  • Level Range: 15 - 45
  • Repop Message: The astral field glitters with a thousand points of light for a moment...
  • Approximate Repop Frequency: Unknown
  • Geo: Air Geo
  • Astral/Portal Point: Nightmare, Githyanki, Invisible stalker
  • Mob and Item List


High above Darkhaven, perched atop a heavenly rainbow, is the ever-standing pearly gate to The Astral Plane. Once a gateway between worlds and planes, it is now a black void which is connected to but one world. The Astral Plane's inhabitants do provide much intrigue however, even if their homeland does not. The githyanki, as they are called, were once humans enslaved by the mind flayers of Shadowport. Led by the Lady Gith, they escaped, yet their minds and bodies were so tortured that they were no longer accepted openly among humans. Using new psionic powers, they quickly dominated The Astral Plane. Since then, a powerful lich has become the ruler of the race. None know the fate of the Lady Gith, although many speculate that she lost or refused to fulfill a bargain she made with dark powers to free her race...


The Astral Plane is mostly a series of mazes. Both Malsangre and a messenger of the gods wander here, the quick ways to Scourge of Time and Olympus respectively.


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