The Burrows

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Area Directions

  • For Halflings:
    • ZMud: #2 ne;#2 n;tell tage I seek the simpler ways
    • MUSHClient: #2(ne) 2n (tell tage I seek the simpler ways)
    • General: 2ne, 2n, tell tage I seek the simpler ways
  • For non-Halflings:
    • ZMud: #9 w;nw;#2 w;nw;#3 n;#2 w;#3 n;#2 e
    • MUSHClient: #9w (nw) 2w (nw) 3n 2w 3n 2e
    • General: 9w, nw, 2w, nw, 3n, 2w, 3n, 2e

Area Information


The Shirelands are a place that are open to the various
travelers who wander into the Forest of Tears. However, a
section of that city has survived the immigration and
corruption of the Tall Races. There, the holbytla - or, as
most call them, halflings - dwell. Mostly elders who detest
the influence of Man and his ways, these hobbits are a simple
folk. This section of the Shire is called The Burrows, and it
is where the old ones make their stand.

Ironically, it is rumored that the meeting quarters of the
Darkhaven League of Halflings exists in this part of The

Area Notes

The Burrows is the hometown of the Halfling nation.

Area Map


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