The Dungeon

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Area Directions

  • ZMud: #8 e;#2 se;s;#4 se;#2 s;sw;w;sw;#2 s;#3 se;sw;s;#2 sw;w;#2 sw;s;sw;s;#2 se;s;#5 e;#3 n;#2 w;n;d;pick e;open e;e;d
  • MUSHClient: #8e 2(se) s 4(se) 2s (sw) w (sw) 2s 3(se) (sw) s 2(sw) w 2(sw) (nw) 2d (sw) d n (ne) 4e s u
  • General: 8e, 2se, s, 4se, 2s, sw, w, sw, 2s, 3se, sw, s, 2sw, w, 2sw, s, sw, s, 2se, s, 5e, 3n, 2w, n, d, pick e, open e, e, d

Area Information

  • Author: Uri
  • Credits: None
  • Level Range: 25 - 35
  • Repop Message: You hear the echo of a prisoner screaming.
  • Astral/Portal Point: Stinky guard
  • Mob/Item List: The Dungeon


Under the town of Thul Ab'hara rests a honeycomb of caves and
prison cells. Little is known of this convoluted mixture of
monsters and executioners trapped underground in natural and
man-made tunnels. The marginal degree of order in the surface
world is abandoned in this bizarre maze.

Area Map


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