The Halls of Knowledge

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Area Directions

  • ZMud: #3 e;s;d
  • MUSHClient: #3e s d
  • General: 3e, s, d

Area Information


The Halls of Knowledge provide new and experienced adventurers
with important information, training and necessary equipment
needed to survive in the outside realm.  Within the halls are
Ancient Sages and trainers ready to share their vast knowledge
and experience with patient and willing adventurers.

Area Notes

The Halls of Knowledge (formerly known as The Academy, and sometimes still referred to as such). This is where you start the game, and if you're level 2 or 3, this is where you should be. Basic equipment, decent leveling and comparable safety. Note that only players of level 20 and below may enter the playground and the cage mobs sections, and you can't be uplifted in this area. If you need help, you can turn to someone within these levels or a member of the Newbie Council, or use the Ask or Chat channels.
The New Player Board noted on the map holds some useful information for new or returning players.

Area map