The Mahn-Tor Catacombs

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Burial rites exist in many cultures to prevent spread of
disease and vermin. Ritualism helps survivors mark the passing
of the dead and continue past the event into their future.
Such rituals are a bon voyage to the dead, releasing them
into a distant afterlife in a heaven, valhalla, or other

To citizens of Mahn Tor, death rites for distinguished members
of society are meaningful. Great warriors are venerated in
huge, ritualistic funeral pyres amid battle cries of the
surviving warriors. Thus their souls are relieved of their
mortal bodies, can join future battles, assisting those they
died for.

Great leaders and monarchs, though, are decorated and entombed
in icy catacombs beneath the Keep. Though seldom visited, they
are remembered in the thoughts of all citizens. Through the
attention of their progeny and people, they're kept in a
revered state of immortality where they may be consulted by
future generations of Mahn-Tors.
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