The Ruins of T'man

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Area Directions

  • For Half-Trolls:
    • ZMud: #2 ne;#2 n;tell tage I seek the refuge of the forest
    • MUSHClient: #2(ne) 2n (tell tage I seek the refuge of the forest)
    • General: 2ne, 2n, tell tage I seek the refuge of the forest
  • For non-Half-Trolls:
    • ZMud: #8 e;#2 se;s;#4 se;#2 s;sw;n;e
    • MUSHClient: #8e 2(se) s 4(se) 2s (sw) n e
    • General: 8e, 2se, s, 4se, 2s, sw, n, e

Area Information


Rising from the ruins of an old mountain, the fortress of the
Half-Trolls stands in dark splendor. The fortress is
surrounded by a deep moat full of vicious beasts, and guarded
by some of it's own. Lying amidst the Southern Mountains, the
Half-Trolls have made a home for themselves. The fortress
contains a small city, complete with shops, lounges and other
conveniences which make this hardy race comfortable in this
harsh environment.

Area Notes

The Ruins of T'man is the hometown of the Half-Troll nation. The starting point (the blue room) is for the non-Half-Troll directions.

Area Map


External Links

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