The Shire

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Area Directions

  • ZMud: #9 w;nw;w;w;nw
  • MUSHClient: #9w (nw) 2w (nw)
  • General: 9w, nw, 2w, nw

Area Information

  • Author: Anon
  • Credits: None
  • Level Range: 5 - 25
  • Repop Message: The streets bustle with the sounds of tiny feet on the move.
  • Astral/Portal Point: Thain, Shiriff
  • Mob/Item List: The Shire


Meandering the Forest of Tears, the Western Trade Route resumes
northeast of a crossing of roads amidst this darkened forest.  
A small direction sign points east to a dimly lit path. The    
Shire is a small village of halflings and hobbits run by the   
Thain, who also manages the trade of wheat with other towns.   
Very little danger exists in the Shire, save for the occasional
thieving youth, or angry bull.

Area Map


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