The Tower of Knowledge

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This is no longer the starting area when creating a new character. Characters now start at the Sunless Sea.

Area Directions

At the starting prompt By what name are you known (or "new" to create a new character):, type new and follow the prompts. The game begins in the room marked in blue.

Mortals cannot return to this area once they have entered The Halls of Knowledge.

Area Information


Once, many ages past, great scholars and the most powerful of
magicians graced the corridors of this magnificent tower.
During The Shattering they, nor any of the Gods at the time,
could protect the innocents from the great evils which
terrorized and decimated the Realms. All who inhabited the
tower were killed, but before their souls departed these lands
the Gods ripped the structure from its very foundations and
placed it in the safety of an Immortal realm. Here, the
spirits of those who inhabited the tower remain teaching new
adventurers for all eternity. It is also rumored that within
this realm is the location of the headquarters of the renowned
Newbie Council.

Area Notes

Area Map


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