The Underworld

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Far beyond the realm of mortals lies the Underworld, a realm
of fire, brimstone and ash. The great rifts created by the
Shattering further separated this land from the prying eyes of
foolish adventure seekers who risked their very soul for the
chance to meet the Mistress of the Dark.

Following the Shattering, no entrances to the Underworld could
be found, and it was even rumoured that Hell itself had been
cleft in two by the forces that broke the Realm. To see
whether Satan had finally been slain the three great Furies
were sent forth from Olympus to discover the truth. They
reported an opening into the world had been found, and that
many of the lesser demons within had grown in strength during
the long months of imprisonment. After this report, the Furies
were not heard from again.

Since the rumours of an opening to the Underworld have been
confirmed, scores of worshipers have attempted the journey.
Rumour has it that a Warlock living in the Kontaur forest has
even devised a way to send adventure seekers and worshipers
alike to the upper reaches of Hell itself. Those that do be
warned, Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

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Area Notes

Note for the map that the X rooms are simply unexplored, not private houses.

The Underworld is a big, dark, run mob-filled area. It's not for the inexperienced.

The Underworld is split into two main sections, Upper and Lower underworld with a vast rift separating the two. Upper underworld filled with minor demons and run mobs suitable for 2-4 players. Lower underworld on the other hand is tuned for larger more experienced run groups, with mobs such as Delphium, Satan, Ruler of Hell, Hurag, and the three furies Alecto, Megaera and Tisiphone.

Satan and the Furies are considered one of the more difficult runs currently available as their deaths require not only a decent mass but also considerable preparation and logistics. It is almost certain that more secrets still lie in the depths of The Underworld, yet to be discovered by valiant adventurers.