The Village of Tar'pa Cithm

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Area Directions

  • ZMud: nw;w;w;#4 n;e;look painting;open n;n;#28 w;#3 s;#3 d;#5 w;nw;nw;#3 w;#4 sw;#3 nw;#3 w;sw;s;e
  • MUSHClient: #(nw) 2w 4n e (look painting) (open n) n 28w 3s 3d 5w 2(nw) 3w 4(sw) 3(nw) 3w (sw) s e
  • General: nw, 2w, 4n, e, look painting, open n, n, 28w, 3s, 3d, 5w, 2nw, 3w, 4sw, 3nw, 3w, sw, s, e

Area Information


Far to the north, between the plains and the peaks of
Tahjliera lies the secluded village of Tar'pa Cithm. A
nomadic tribe, the barbarians of this village have kept
to themselves until recently, wishing little to do with

Stories of the barbarians have reached far and wide, told
to frighten children and unsuspecting adventurers. Famous
for their reputation as brutal killers, their village has
remained a safe haven, as few have had the courage to
venture near.

Area Notes

The Village of Tar'pa Cithm is the home city (for lack of a better term) of the barbarian class. Only barbarians can enter it and they spend a lot of time there. It's mostly noteboards and shops and other terribly useful things.

Area Map