The Warehouse

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Area Directions

  • ZMud: #4 w;n;n;open sw;sw
  • MUSHClient: #4w n n (sw)
  • General: 4w, 2n, open sw, sw

Area Information


Unable to protect their children sufficiently in the open area 
the old Dwarven Daycare occupied, the dwarves made a proposal  
to the people of Darkhaven. In exchange for the rights to      
build a child sanctuary within the high walls of Darkhaven,    
the dwarves would construct a large warehouse free of charge.  
Once it was stipulated that such a building be open to all     
races, the construction began.                                 
A stout stone warehouse now stands in west Darkhaven, on Falcon
Road north of Horizon. Though this building was supposed to be 
a sanctuary, many children come home bruised and bleeding.     
Every child loudly proclaims that their injuries occurred in   
a game of stickball or tag, but most citizens of Darkhaven     
suspect weak adventurers of using the children to improve their
fighting skills on 'live targets'. Why any child is allowed    
to return here is a mystery.

Area Notes

A nice lowbie levelling area with some decent equipment too. Has a nice little maze for learning how to navigate them. Some of the mobs in this area steal gold, so watch out.

Area Map


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