The ancient amulet of dispersal

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An ancient amulet glows upon the ground, giving off an eerie light.



Object 'the ancient amulet of dispersal' is infused with your magic...
It is a level 50 armor, weight 2.
Locations it can be worn:  neck
Special properties:  glow
This armor has a gold value of 100000.
Armor class is 40 of 40.
Casts spell 'dispel magic'



Forged by a being of great power, this amulet holds with it the power to
render its victim powerless, stripping them of their magical ability. The
extraordinary nature of this item renders its powers useless outside the
land it was forged.



The amulet is located in the tree at the end of the Forest of Despair maze

To obtain the amulet, you'll need a class with pick lock, falcon sight and detrap
Therefore, a Ranger or Thief is best suited

Following the map, to get through the maze quickly, from room 2 go west, north, wait for trans, scan all
It should be 2 north, however due to the trans in the maze randomly you may have to repeat this step several times
So be sure to mark room 2 with something

Once you get to the tree, use falcon sight and detrap on it, before searching it for the amulet.
After the tree is detrap, exam tree.
An aging, hollowed out tree appears to be nearly empty. (spawn)
An aging, hollowed out tree appears to be empty. (no spawn)
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