The ancient sword of the kami

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A silver sword of great craftsmanship, emblazoned with a symbol of the dragon, lies here



Object 'the ancient sword of the kami' is infused with your magic...
It is a level 49 blasting weapon, weight 8.
Locations it can be worn:  wield
Special properties:  glow hum magic
This weapon has a gold value of 100000.
Damage is 14 to 42 (average 28).
Affects strength by 1.
Affects dexterity by 2.
Affects mana by 20.
Affects hp by 50.
Affects hit roll by 3.
Affects damage roll by 12.



Wrought of silver and mystic fire, and forged by the hand of a master, this
sword is reputed to be a blessing from the Gods themselves. Upon the blade
lies dragon carved runes, symbols of great power. Its power is great, and
its legend even greater.


You give katana to Master Yorito.
Master Yorito gazes thoughtfully at you and says 'Hmmm.'
Master Yorito tells you 'I see you have the Daimyo's sword.. You must be strong indeed.'
Master Yorito tells you 'If you have the other items I require, I might be able to make it..'
You give a small silver coin to Master Yorito.
You give a simple silver necklace to Master Yorito.
You give a dragon armband to Master Yorito.
Master Yorito fans the flames of his furnace.
Fire and ash burst forth from the furnace.
Master Yorito hammers away at the Katana, then takes a moment to inspect
his work.
Master Yorito drops the ancient sword of the kami.
You get the ancient sword of the kami.
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