The black ring mail spaulders of the Falcon

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A pair of black ring mail spaulders has been left upon the floor.



Object 'the black ring mail spaulders of the Falcon' is infused with your magic...
It is a level 50 armor, weight 6.
Locations it can be worn:  arms
Special properties:  dark metal unique
Genres allowed:  rogue
This armor has a gold value of 23532.
It is one of the pieces of the set 'Guise of the Falcon'.
Owner:  Playername
Armor class is 15 of 15.
Affects damage roll by 8.
Affects hp by 20.
  Bonuses for 'Guise of the Falcon', 3 pieces:
    Affects hp by 10.
    Affects moves by 100.
    Affects damage roll by 3.
    Affects luck by 1.



These armored plates are worn upon the upper lengths of the shoulders,
allowing a seasoned rogue the use of his lower arm to commit his acts of
roguery. An inscription inside bears the word:


Part of the Guise of the Falcon Equipment set

You say 'Falcon'
Leif says 'Ahh, You must have talked with Jaxron. Yes... I do have some arm wear that once belonged to the Falcon.'
Leif thinks, 'Hmmmm.'
Leif says 'I am having issues placing a value on it to be honest. I have been debating taking trade for it. If you can bring me a 
strand of polished jade, a jade cameo, and a gleaming-jade gemstone, I'll give you the Falcon's armwear.'
Leif smiles happily.
Leif says 'Jade is the official stone of my hometown and I never have any problems getting gold for it.'
You give a jade cameo to Leif.
Leif nods solemnly.
Leif wonders 'This jade cameo brooch has been much sought after and always sells well. Do you have the jade strand and a gleaming-jade 
Leif looks at you.
Leif exclaims 'Excellent, I'll take those off your hands!'
Leif takes your a strand of polished jade.
Leif takes your a gleaming-jade gemstone.
Leif takes a gleaming-jade gemstone from you.
Leif takes a strand of polished jade from you.
Leif takes out an enscription tool and writes your name onto the inside of the black ring mail spaulders of the Falcon.
Leif says 'There, now everyone will know this belongs to you.'
Leif gives you the black ring mail spaulders of the Falcon.
Leif smiles happily.
Leif says 'Pleasure doing business with ye.'
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