The visor of truth

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A visor is sitting here surrounded by an aura of truth.


Object 'the visor of truth' is infused with your magic...
It is a level 23 armor, weight 5.
Locations it can be worn:  eyes
Special properties:  glow
Genres allowed:  sorcerer fighter divinity aberrant shaman
Alignments allowed:  good
This armor has a gold value of 52000.
Armor class is 6 of 6.
Affects wisdom by 1.
Affects strength by -1.
Affects hp by 5.
Affects affected_by by detect_invis.



This visor makes all that is true glow in one's eye.  It appears to be blessed
with some sort of magical power which gives it this ability.  Although it is 
a magical visor it appears to be made from everyday materials and thus is not
very expensive.
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