Thul Ab'hara

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  • General: 8e, 2se, s, 4se, 2s, sw, w, sw, 2s, 3se, sw, s, 2sw, w, 2sw, nw, 2d, sw, d, s, 3se, s, sw, se, s, w
  • zMUD: #8 e;se;se;s;#4 se;s;s;sw;w;sw;s;s;#3 se;sw;s;sw;sw;w;sw;sw;nw;d;d;sw;d;s;#3 se;s;sw;se;s;w
  • MUSHClient: # 8e 2(se) s 4(se) 2s (sw) w (sw) 2s 3(se) (sw) s 2(sw) w 2(sw) (nw) 2d (sw) d s 3(se) s (sw) (se) s w



Situated at the bottom of a large canyon near the border of
the Wastelands and the Eastern Desert, Thul Ab'hara was once
only a hidden collection of tents and small buildings. Kept
secret from the world above by those who lived there, Thul
became a home for nomads and thieves that were no longer
welcome elsewhere.

When the War of the Gods came, though, the citizenry of New
Thalos found themselves fleeing their homes in terror as
battle after battle roiled in the heavens above their city.
Led by a nomad merchant who had long plied his trade in the
city, the people hid in the canyon until the skies were quiet
once again. Emerging to find their oasis in ruins and covered
in sand, they salvaged what they could and returned to try to
make homes with the nomads.


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