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A'enari (Good) Vl'aresch (Evil)
Bron'trel (Order) LaChte (Chaos)
Z'hyal (sun) Gre'Vos (moon)
Mak'kor (demons) Bael (death)
Sarane (feminism) Wirawyth (battle)
Estathius (neutrality) Tempus (war)
Kardis (sorrow) Adendra (faith)
Shivvan (sin) Sh'Vath (purity)
Ghordohl (wealth) Keltas (poor)
Kalerd (summer) Tirebaen (winter)
Cawyn (storms) Sil-Galith (mountains)
Masefi (wind) Grishnakh (orcs)

From the first signs of a frozen wastelands, the god Tirebaen saw a great beauty in the forces of winter. Where others saw only death and rot, Tirebaen saw a way for mortals to prove their worthiness in surviving this harsh season. From his home deep inside the frozen wastelands, he controls his season, managing to reign supreme over some parts of the lands while his greatest foe, Kalerd, the goddess of summer and growth, has driven him out of others. Tirebaen plans his attacks on this goddess carefully, knowing that she can melt his coldness with the power of the sun... but is at a loss if he attacks during the coldness of night. Their war continues around the lands, where both gusts of frozen snow and the melting heat of the sun can be found.

Tirebaen shares his love of the darkness with vampires and frowns on their death. He approves of the use of thievery and magic, both helpful to others and in the vanquishing of foes. Death and sacrifice in his name are the best way to appease his chilling wrath.

Directions To Naos

  • ZMud: #6 s;ne;s;s;se;e;e;s;sw;sw;s;#4 sw;#4 s;#5 se;s;s;d;s;se;s;#3 sw;u;#3 w;s;sw;d;#3 w;#3 n;w;w;sw;w;#3 n;ne;ne;nw;#5 n;u;u;n;u;rowboat;pull chain
    • Push/pull oar until you can go north
      • n;e;n;n;ne
  • MUSHClient: #6s (ne) 2s (se) 2e s 2(sw) s 4(sw) 4s 5(se) 2s d s (se) s 3(sw) u 3w s (sw) d 3w 3n 2w (sw) w 3n 2(ne) (nw) 5n 2u n u (rowboat) (pull chain)
    • Push/pull oar until you can go north
      • #n e 2n (ne)
  • General: 6s, ne, 2s, se, 2e, s, 2sw, s, 4sw, 4s, 5se, 2s, d, s, se, s, 3sw, u, 3w, s, sw, d, 3w, 3n, 2w, sw, w, 3n, 2ne, nw, 5n, 2u, n, u, rowboat, pull chain, (push/pull oar until you can go north), n, e, 2n, ne


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