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  • Syntax: trance
  • Casting message: You enter a peaceful trance, collecting mana from the cosmos.
  • Success message: In your peaceful trance, you collect mana from the cosmos.
  • Failure message: You spend several minutes in a deep trance, but fail to collect any mana.

Help File

Trance places your character in a trance-like state
during which mana can be rapidly regenerated.  Once
you being trancing you cannot engage in other
activities (or type other commands) or you will break
the trance state. While in the trance you will
see your mana regenerate every few seconds until you
are at your maximum. The use of incense while in
trance or meditation is known to improve results.
Trancing regenerates mana more rapidly than meditation.


When you use the trance skill, you start trancing and will regenerate 50 mana points about every 15 seconds. You will stop trancing if you use almost any commands, enter a fight, follow someone into another room or reach your maximum mana.

The sector type of the room you are in may modify the mana gain. For example being indoor ("look sky" will tell you "you can't see the sky from here") will give you 2 extra points. Also holding incense like a stick of brown incense or orange scented incense in your inventory will add, depending on the specific item.

Incense items hold a "regen value" that is first used to compute the mana gain boost, then decreased every trance round. When it reaches zero, the item is removed ("Your incense burns out."). The boost formula has been recently revisited (end of january 2007): it is now eight times the residual "regen value". For the brown or green incense sticks from Alvar in Raven Tor that value is six when new, so each stick will now add up to 168 mana points along six trance rounds before burning out, compared to the previous 21 points. Only the first incense in your inventory is considered, holding more than one does not stack, they will burn in sequence instead.

Some experimental data:
The period between trance is usually about 15 seconds (+/- 1 seconds).
However, the actual range may be as much as 13 to 17 seconds.
The first trance may vary much more.
The exact value is hard to ascertain given connection speed varies and the program used to measure it (Cmud) is unreliable.
Nevertheless, suggests that the average regeneration rate is 200 mana/minute, or 208 mana/min if indoors.

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