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Help File

There are several types of rooms which will prevent you from
getting into them, should they be full. These rooms are either
private, solitary or tunneled. In each case, the room will have
a maximum capacity and will prevent persons outside the room
from getting in, should that capacity be reached. These flags
may also prevent scrying/scanning.
PRIVATE rooms have a maximum capacity of two players and/or mobiles.
SOLITARY rooms have a maximum capacity of one player or mobile.
TUNNELED rooms vary in their capacity, but generally limit the total
  number to between 3 and 8 players/mobiles.


Tunneled rooms don't necessarily refer to an actual tunnel in a cave or anything. It is, rather, a room that has a restriction on how many players and mobs can be in it at any one time.

There is a weakness in how the game checks this, however, as it can't know if a player has logged off in there. So, for example, we can use this trick to put four players in a three-player room: move three in, make one quit, bring a fourth in and log the other one back on. Some tunneled rooms protect against this though, by kicking you out if you log back on in there, like Dobra's room.