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General Information

Cerf started playing the Realms of Despair in 1997. He somehow became aware of the existence of Guilds and eventually found his home in the Guild of Druids. Not wanting to stray far from home he could often be found at recall or up in the tree branches of the guild hall. In the early 2000's he eventually joined the Induction Crew (IC) to help promote the guild and guide new members into its fold.

Cerf did step away from the game for some time around 2007 but returned in 2015 to find familiar faces and a game with new adventures to explore. He was quickly accepted into the new Guild of Nature and is currently its First.

Known Characters

This is a list of characters Cerf has played during his time on Realms of Despair.

  • Cerf
  • Dairmuid
  • Aeldred
  • Xancnamod
  • Orthim


These are the organizations Cerf has belonged to while playing.

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