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Bitstrip rendering of Stolichnaya's appearance irl


Character Information

During Guild of Origin's first open vote for leadership I was elected guild second; however, due to inactivity I was removed from that post in February of 2014.

Player information

I originally began playing Realms of Despair in 1996-97 after being introduced to it by a classmate at my middle school, I took a hiatus during high school and college and returned in 2004 for a few months before taking another hiatus. I have now returned once more, older and wiser.

As a fan of science-fiction and fantasy novels, I discovered Realms of Despair before Dungeons and Dragons and it has greatly influenced the campaigns that I have played. I am thankful for those whose efforts have gone towards creating this wonderful world to explore, and to Poromenos for giving us this wiki to serve as a repository for the accumulated knowledge of those who have explored it before.

Runs I'm interested in learning

Areas to explore

This is just a short list of the areas that have caught my attention browsing this site they I would like to further explore.

Things to Research

This section serves as a note to self


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