Vis Liberata

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     -----            VIS LIBERATA            -----
"And from the skies above, the dim sound of thunder could be
heard breaking the infinite silence that was. From the depths
of darkness, a small flicker of light appeared and began to
fill all around. As these miraculous forces did their work on
transforming silence to sound, darkness to light; a consciousness
was forming. Beings of all types began to open their eyes and
see before them a world to be populated, formed and ruled over.
The Realms was divided into parts, each given to a different being.
These beings set up kingdoms, and as the mortals below them became 
aware of their presence, the gods became more and more demanding of 
their followers. Wars broke out, each side vying to bring their
deity the greatest honor and praise. The gods took great pleasures
in these wars, and began to fight amongst themselves. The earth
shook, the skies flashed with thunder, and the waters boiled as the
gods of Vis Liberata let loose their powers."