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Area Directions

  • ZMud: #6 w;sw
  • MUSHClient: #6w (sw)
  • General: 6w, sw

Area Information


Built as a means to connect the major trading centers of the
western half of the Realms, the Western Trade Route was a far
sighted project taken on by the merchant societies of
Darkhaven. Crossing through much of the Forest of Tears on its
way to Thalos, the trade route is said to also go by one of
the Realms' most renowned tavern's, the Falcon's Nest, which
has become so well known that other merchants have begun to do
business nearby. If travelers are looking for a quick and
safe route to the commercial centers to the west of Darkhaven,
the trade route cannot be beat.

Area Notes

Western Trade Route. Home to Dennis Moore.

Area Map


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