Wicedien, the high witch

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An aura of great power surrounds this strong woman.



  • Area: The City of Salburg
  • Status: Aggressive
  • Alignment: Neutral
  • Affected By: Sanctuary, Iceshield, Shockshield, Fireshield


Wisps of grey hair poke from beneath the black cowl worn by the High Witch.
Although her face shows signs of age, her eyes remain clear and bright, the
wisdom contained with them, obvious. Blood stains her clothes and hands from
the many sacrifices performed daily to invoke the great power. As she bows her
head for a brief moment, a forked tongue emerges to quickly lick a drop of 
fresh blood.


  • RoD: See the City of Salburg map. She is at the north end of the witch village.



Worn around necka bone necklet inlaid with gold
Worn about waista waistband of braided rope
Wieldedan inscribed dagger


  • 1040400 coins



  • To get to the altar before her, you will need to open a number of "secret" doors that require you to have detect traps.
  • Once at the altar, using bloodlet will create a key that last for several hours. Don't lose or logout with this key! You can only get one key per vampire per certain period of time. Use the key to unlock the "secret". Wicedien is north.
  • Wicedien has a strong lightning breath attack and several powerful progs. XXXX
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