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A'enari (Good) Vl'aresch (Evil)
Bron'trel (Order) LaChte (Chaos)
Z'hyal (sun) Gre'Vos (moon)
Mak'kor (demons) Bael (death)
Sarane (feminism) Wirawyth (battle)
Estathius (neutrality) Tempus (war)
Kardis (sorrow) Adendra (faith)
Shivvan (sin) Sh'Vath (purity)
Ghordohl (wealth) Keltas (poor)
Kalerd (summer) Tirebaen (winter)
Cawyn (storms) Sil-Galith (mountains)
Masefi (wind) Grishnakh (orcs)

Wirawyth rules over the realm of battle and combat, sensing the need for it in viewing the battles ensuing between the followers of A'enari and Vl'aresch. Wirawyth advocates honor, courage and tenacity on both sides of the struggle and shows no favor to either. Wirawyth is said by many to be the mythical warrior portrayed in the stars. Falling stars are the blood of the fallen dripping from his sword and the red streaks in the sky at night are said to be the souls of those that battle with no honor.

Only true fighters (warriors, paladins and rangers) may worship the deity of battle. Wirawyth offers succor to those who slay and sacrifice enemies in his name, no matter what their foe. He particularly hates the drow, finding them to be dishonest in battle. The battle god approves of no trickery in battle, only pure fighting wins his affection.

Directions To Naos

  • ZMud: #8 e;se;se;s;#3 se;e;ne;ne;n;ne;ne;n;nw;n;ne;w;push leaves;pull leaves;e;e;n;n;u;open u;u;open u;u;e;d;d;#4 n;open n;n;open n;n;d;#4 s;e;e;s;w
  • MUSHClient: #8e 2(se) s 3(se) e 2(ne) n 2(ne) n (nw) n (ne) w (push leaves) (pull leaves) 2e 2n u (open u) u (open u) u e 2d 4n (open n) n (open n) n d 4s 2e s w
  • General: 8e, 2se, s, 3se, e, 2ne, n, 2ne, n, nw, n, ne, w, push/pull leaves, 2e, 2n, u, open u, u, open u, u, e, 2d, 4n, open n, n, open n, n, d, 4s, 2e, s, w


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