Word of recall

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This spell will recall the caster to his or her home


  • Syntax: cast 'word of recall'
  • Duration: Unknown
  • Mininum stance: Unknown


Word of recall is a simple spell to transport you back to your recall point, which is most commonly Thoth's Rune on Vertic Avenue in New Darkhaven. You will have a different recall point if you are a deadly player or a Barbarian, or you belong to a clan, guild or order.

This spell is not affected by the limits imposed by the astral disruption, but it will fail if you are in a room or area flagged as norecall or you are affected by a curse. The spell's level does not make any difference.

For those whose class or level doesn't allow them a direct access to this spell, the use of a recall scroll is a quick and easy alternative. Never leave home without some...

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