Bloodmail of the Defiler

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Quest Activation

  • The quest starts in Transylvania.
  • Zmud Directions:#13 s;#2 e;#2 u;e;#3 se;d;s;#4 se;e;se;e;ne;nw;n;u;#3 n;e;#3 n;open trapdoor;d
The Keeper closes the door.
The Keeper speaks with a throaty gurgling sound. 
The Keeper says 'What vile entity has come to disturb me?' 
The Keeper says 'Not one of Dracula's minions, I see, but nonetheless a true  vampire.'
The Keeper says 'Perhaps we could form a... partnership of sorts, Playername?' 
You say 'partnership'
The Keeper says 'I am hungry, Playername. Like you, I feed upon bodies. But my tastes' 
The Keeper says 'are for the lifeless, not the living...'
The Keeper laughs maliciously.
The Keeper says 'Bring me the corpses of innocent citizens, Playername. I care' 
The Keeper says 'not how you kill them, as long as they are from the cities'
The Keeper says 'of Light. Slaughter them in any way you see fit. Bring me their' 
The Keeper says 'bodies, that I may draw strength from them.'
The Keeper says 'Only after my hunger is satiated may I help you.'
  • You then have to bring him some 40 (maybe more, but divisible by 4) corpses of citizens.
You give the corpse of a Citizen of Solace to The Keeper.
The Keeper looks pleased as he begins to carve into the body and blood spurts everywhere.
The Keeper motions to you to drink some leftover blood, and you eagerly do so.
The Keeper says 'Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...'
The Keeper slumps down onto the ground, sighing with contentment, resting
lazily among the various bits of discarded human flesh and bloody
entrails. He lays motionless for a while, then begins to speak.
The Keeper says 'You have fulfilled my hunger, at last. I thank you.'
The Keeper says 'You deserve something in return. I have knowledge of'
The Keeper says 'some powerful equipment for your genre.'
The Keeper's disgusting head turns slowly to gaze at you.
The Keeper says 'This is long lost equipment from the era of Count Dracula's
The Keeper says 'reign, crafted for his undead bodyguards to guard the  crypts.'
The Keeper says 'The equipment was given the mark of the Defiler, an ancient'
The Keeper says 'emblem of the curse of vampirism.'
The Keeper says 'When you are ready, ask me about the Defiler set.'
You say 'defiler'
The Keeper says 'Seek out the Defiler equipment in these unholy locations, and you will be rewarded.'
The Keeper says 'Find a masked woman who resembles a mad scientist.'
The Keeper says 'Find an ageless vampire king.'
The Keeper says 'Find the one who lives within the dimension of the nether world.'
The Keeper says 'May the forces of darkness be with you, Playername.'


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