Blue-Metal Platemail Armor

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A thick piece of blue-metal platemail has been left on the ground.



Object 'Blue-Metal Platemail Armor' is infused with your magic...
It is a level 40 armor, weight 10.
Locations it can be worn:  body
Special properties:  metal
Genres allowed:  fighter divinity aberrant
This armor has a gold value of 34321.
Armor class is 40 of 40.
Affects hp by 90.
Affects mana by 90.
Affects damage roll by 6.
Affects dexterity by 1.
Affects strength by 1.
Affects save vs rod by -3.
Affects save vs spell by -1.



Created from a mix of parts and forged into a solid body plate, this armor has
been stained the color of opal.



You give 4,000,000 coins to an automated mechanical armorer.
An automated mechanical armorer says 'Excellent, let me check that you have all the necessary parts.'
An automated mechanical armorer examines the items inside the forge.
An automated mechanical armorer gets a large portion of thick metal plate armor from a forge beside 
three large wooden tables.
An automated mechanical armorer picks out all the items from within the forge and begins to hammer 
them together.
Sparks fly as the pieces begin to merge together.
From the metal components you have added, a new piece of armor is created.
An automated mechanical armorer exclaims 'There you are! Enjoy!'
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