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A quest announcement will go here...



(  1)  Zistrosk     10/10/19     Oktoberquest AVATAR LEVEL QUEST is open : 10-30 October 2019

Without spoiling it too much, because I'd rather you spend some time looking
around and learning how to run the quest organically, I'll tell you these
1. Stoneheft designed the part of the quest before you get to the beerhaus.
2. He also designed some of the aspects of the beerhaus.
3. The activities you do for score points after that, were designed by Zist.
4. The quest is designed around the idea of an Oktoberfest.
5. Leaderboards will be available on the archives starting next week (14Oct).
6. Almost forgot - please declare your questor. You can switch if you find
   you'd rather use a different one, but all previous points will be forefeit.
7. AVATAR ONLY please. Lowbies are too young to enter the dangerous Beerhaus.
As always, read and inspect everything. If you find something that you think
is definitely broke, please let me know.
Thanks and have fun!

(  2)  Zistrosk     10/10/19     Oktoberquest Games

Max daily points per game in the Beerhaus:
 5 - King's Treasure Key
 6 - Beer Barrel Keg Tapping
10 - Barrel Challenge
10 - Schuhplattler (dance) Contest (note: more socials will be added)
25 - Defeat the Bavarian Barbarian
 5 - SECRET CHALLENGE (so mind bogglingly hard, you'll never figure it out!)
61 - max per day
So that is: 61*21 days +1 freebie point = 1282 max possible score.
Zat is all from Zist


The quest involves competing in games within the Beerhaus. In order to gain access to the Beerhaus players must first gather sausage and then find and wear the appropriate Oktoberfest related clothing, after all one must be fashionable! Once in the Beerhaus you can interact with the mobs there and play the games to earn points towards your final total.

Sausage Gathering

The sausage items are relatively easy to find if you have some experience at telescan/item find style quests. Distributed around many areas they cannot be sacrificed. One needs only pick up a single bad sausage to realize that some care must be used in their gathering. Picking up a bad sausage can cost you all the collected sausage points for the day (you just added dog poop to your basket of sausages, and really, who wants to eat any of them after that?!?!)

Collecting a good sausage will increase your score by 1. Occasionally the spirit of Oktoberquest will give you an additional point. This leads to a slight miscount where despite the maximum number of sausages to be collected being set at 10, you can score 11.

There are a few varieties of messages to indicate that the sausage is good, all revealed by using the smell social.

Beerhaus Entry

Once you have obtained your lederhosen or your dirndl, put them on, and have collected at least 10 sausages you travel to the cross roads (8e of []) where saying the secret phrase "beer" will convince Freidrich to teleport you to the World of Quests where you will meet Heidi. Heidi sells some food items and provides the initial instructions on what you are to do.

You say 'help'
You must be new here! Welcome to the Beerhaus! Here are some things to try:

look sign

go west, northwest, north, northeast, or east for a challenge

While the challenges are Bavarian in nature, the order you do them in
might be significant towards the amount of satisfaction they'll give you!


King's Treasure Key

(5 pts / day) A test of your area knowledge of the Realms. (room find) If you miss the key you were looking for it is possible to get one later but you can only claim 1 key per day.

Beer Barrel Keg Tapping

(max 6 pts / day) Tap the keg, get the points. A little RNG for your day. Tap soft, medium, or hard in order to drive the spout into the barrel. If you only use soft taps you will run out of turns before the barrel is tapped (after all, we're thirsty and who wants to wait). Each level of power carries an increasing risk of splitting the barrel and spilling the beer. Gain more points by using fewer hits. The maximum point level involved 2 hard hits and a medium hit, meaning that testing hard, hard, medium / hard, medium, hard / medium, hard, hard was an effective way to spend your 3 turns.

Barrel Challenge

(max 11 pts / day ) Pay attention to the obstacles coming your way, and keep that barrel rolling.

Schuhplattler (dance) Contest

(max 10 pts / day) How well do you know your socials? At one point Marius was knowledgeable on 72 socials plus a few emotes. This led to exposing some limitations in SMAUG and was reduced to 10 socials plus his emotes.

Defeat the Bavarian Barbarian

(max 25 pts / day) Get beat up a lot. Maybe beat him up. Get points. The harder it is to, ahem, kill Bill the more points you score.

On October 17th Zistrosk provided some further insight into the behaviour of Bill the Barbarian:

   Zistrosk quests 'Ok it's Thursday.  Who wants to know things about the quest.  First, has anyone figured out exactly how to make Bill harder or easier?'
   Zistrosk quests 'when you go to Heidi and say help, one of the things she tells you is:'
   Zistrosk quests 'While the challenges are Bavarian in nature, the order you do them in might be significant towards the amount of satisfaction they'll give you!'
   Zistrosk quests 'This purely refers to Bill's difficulty, which is based on when you do him in regards to the other activities.'
   Zistrosk quests 'Bill is nicer, if you do more other things in the Beerhaus first.  And meaner, maybe a LOT meaner, if you don't.'

Bill's room is also known to be a no-scrap arena room, which is brilliant since he relies heavily on mpdamage programs as opposed to skills or spells.


(5 pts / day) The super secret challenge involves some mysterious requirement that was not published. Heidi will inform you if the points are awarded.

On October 17th Zistrosk confirmed some of the steps involved include

  1. Complete sausage finding mission in your quest equipment.
  2. Complete all 5 mini-games in a single day.
  3. Visit Heidi.


Point Leaders

File:Oq2019 final score.JPG


File:Oq2019 participation.JPG

Minor items

Zistrosk has confirmed that the lederhosen and dirndl are not intended to persist beyond the end of the quest. Food, drink, and quest prizes are intended to persist.

oktoberquest sausage

An oktoberquest sausage lies here gently wafting a scent that fills the room.
You take a closer look at oktoberquest sausage on the ground...
In looking at it, you think it might be a highly-sought-after sausage for
Oktoberquest.  If you get enough of them you might get into Heidi's good
graces and stand a chance at having some Oktoberfest fun this year. 

If you get a good sausage your count will increase by 1. If you pick up too many bad sausages you'll have to wait a while before gathering more.

tan lederhosen

A tan pair of lederhosen lies here waiting to be used for Oktoberquest.
Object 'tan lederhosen' is infused with your magic...
It is a level 50 armor, weight 1.
Locations it can be worn:  legs
Special properties:  none
Sexes allowed:  neutral male
This armor has a gold value of 0.
Armor class is 20 of 20.
Affects save vs breath by -3.
Affects damage roll by 3.
Affects hp by 25

a pretty green and white dirndl

A pretty green and white dirndl lies here waiting to be used for Oktoberquest.
Object 'a pretty green and white dirndl' is infused with your magic...
It is a level 50 armor, weight 1.
put chest crate
Locations it can be worn:  body
Special properties:  none
Sexes allowed:  female
This armor has a gold value of 0.
Armor class is 20 of 20.
Affects hp by 100.
Affects save vs spell by -3.
Affects mana by 100.
Affects damage roll by 7.
Affects hit roll by 7.
Affects save vs breath by -4.

Final prizes

Zistrosk awarded prizes as follows:


In addition to comments left on Blog of Despair, at the risk of being too critical, it was felt clear from the beginning that Bill was not well balanced to all classes. Zistrosk has responded to this by revealing that bill was highly susceptible to energy and fire, and somewhat susceptible to drain. With only a single attack and some random programs for damage he topped out about 160hp in healing/round and dealt 221 damage plus punches, kicks, and trips. With this insight it is possible a paladin could defeat the 15 point Bill using a combination of a Nasr and reciting quantum spike scrolls but it still seems quite unlikely that a character in the fighter genre would be able to create the damage output requried to kill Bill at the toughest levels.

Some players performed a procedure that can only be described as "Operation Storage Room Relocation" on a daily basis, dumping thousands of heals on the floor of Bill's room to achieve their kills. PK heals being much less expensive than PF heals certainly paid off for some competitors.

While attention was paid to attempting to foil people scripting the dancing game the flaws in the major point differentiating portion of the quest were not corrected. Reliance on high damage roll builds where the alpha attacks scaled with DR or use of prestige characters seemed to be the entry level to the 20/25 point rounds that provided the best ultimate rewards. Shieldbash, melee combat, quantum spike, and other techniques could not overcome the healing rate of Bill seemingly even at the 15 point level, so classes whose damage did not scale up with the quality of the character were at a distinct disadvantage to the tune of 200-350 points. Once you knew you could kill Bill you were set. While you were trying to climb the difficulty ramp you hemorrhaged points as nothing was given for an attempt that failed.

Had the quest awarded partial points for a Bill fight, or had given players a choice of difficult tasks so that Bill was not the bottle neck between success and failure, this might have afforded players a chance to strategize on which tasks to complete to maximize gains based on their own builds and thus put a level of competition back into it.

It is conceded that not every item in a quest needs to have a purpose, however there was a missed opportunity to use the food objects, like intentionally retrieving a bad sausage once per day (since they didn't purge in your inventory) to poison Bill, or to use the beer drinking theme and some drinking related socials or Oktoberfest drinking phrases to get Bill drunk and lessen his mental state.

It is very easy to be critical from the outside looking in, and the fact that a multi week quest is not easy to design, create, or administer is entirely acknowledged.

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