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Programs are server side scripting elements that add actions to the game. They can be triggered by a large number of processes, several are listed here to introduce new players to the concept. Programs may happen with a frequency below 100%, failing to observe the program does not mean that it does not exist, but that you did not generate the right random number to activate it. See also rng.


General Programs

Transport Programs (trans progs)

Transport programs move players, mobiles, and/or items from one room to another. These come in 2 main varieties the announced trans and the silent trans. An announced trans will include some sort of message that informs you that a transport has taken place where the silent trans does not alert you. Detecting silent transes requires careful attention to detail as many will deposit you in a room that looks identical to the one you were previously in, except for some very minor differences.

Items aren't technically transported, but from the player point of view they can be considered to be.

Item Programs

Sacrifice Programs (sac prog)

A sacrifice program is activated when the item is sacrificed. This is commonly used as a method of bringing a new item into existence (invoking). If the sacrifice creates an item 100% of the time it is commonly referred to as a morph, especially if the newly created item can be cycled back to the original somehow. Other times an item may cast spells or have other effects when sacrificed.

Wear Programs

Some items activate a program when they are worn. Commonly this is used to cast a spell on the wearer or, especially with older items, to restrict who can wear a particular item.

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