The stone golem

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A hulk of walking stone lumbers past, shaking the ground.




This thing looks like a miniature mountain with legs. It has two arms and two
legs, looking much like the shape of a human. Its eyes are bright little
points of white near the middle of its head. There could be only one place
this creature was created from, and only one being who could have created it.



Unknown coins


Casts stone curse that does -4dex, -4 str for 1000+ rounds and reduces your movements by ~540

Is susceptible to immobilize

The stone golem appears to be between level 50 and 55.
The stone golem looks like a golem, and follows the ways of the warrior.
With a crunch The stone golem lands a blow that sends Player flying!
The stone golem utters the words, 'ghaiz judifgz'.
A layer of stone covers Player...
The stone golem's bash wounds Player!
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