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General Information

Wyl started playing the Realms of Despair in the early 2000s under the screen name Carnak. He was quickly taken in by the Guild of Warriors, and under the stewardship of players such as Petrograd and Nurodma came to understand the basics of the Avatar game. Shortly thereafter he actively joined Realms' roleplay community and eventually joined Rol Na Fienne.

Wyl belonged to RNF in its final year in the game, prior to conversion over to Sanctus Irae (order). He was one of the original members of OSI, and eventually came to lead the order under a host of names including Carnak, Alessio, Jurevicus and Baldric.

Wyl retired from the game very quietly in 2011. He has since returned, and is an active runner, roleplayer, quester and roleplayer, enjoying each aspect of the game at different times.

Known Characters

This is a list, not meant to be exhaustive, of the various characters Wyl has played during his time on Realms of Despair.

  • Alessio
  • Baldric
  • Carnak
  • Desmond
  • Hurley
  • Jurevicus
  • Kragash
  • Lamar
  • Tom
  • Vokith
  • Wyl


These are the organizations Wyl has belonged to while playing.

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