A piece of rusting metal

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A large piece of rusting metal seems to have been discarded here by someone.



Object 'a piece of rusting metal' is infused with your magic...
It is a level 40 trash, weight 8.
Special properties:  none
This trash has a gold value of 0.



What looks to have been a large piece of sheet metal, no doubt confiscated
off of a prisoner somewhere, has been well abused by both time and the
elements. The sheet is covered in rust, to the extent that some of it has
even begun wearing through. Only a great craftsman would know what to do
with this sad piece of material now.


Required for the mini-quest to make the Reforged Helm of Torment Lost. Kill cowled attendants on the first floor and eventually 1 will pop.

As the Attendant collapses, a rather large object can be heard clanking against the cold stone floor.

Another way to obtain this is to give 200k in gold to Sarennor.

 You say 'metal'
 Sarennor thinks, 'Hmmmm.'
 Sarennor says 'I don't know where they store it all... somewhere downstairs I presume. As far as that piece of metal goes, if you give me 200,000 coins, I could probably round it up for you.'

 Sarennor says 'I've been in here too long to do things for free anymore. With that gold I can bribe the guards for some decent food...'

 You give 200,000 coins to Sarennor.
 Sarennor grins.
 Sarennor quickly hides the money away.
 Sarennor says 'Now then, give me a moment and I shall return back with the item you seek...'
 Sarennor turns invisible, opens the door and sneaks out.

 Sarennor sneaks in and shuts the door, becoming visible once more.
 Sarennor says 'Here is the item I think he wanted... shame that it looks to be in rather poor condition.'
 Sarennor gives you a piece of rusting metal.
 Sarennor says 'Good luck to you.'
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