The Reforged Helm of Torment Lost

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A large metal helm, that looks to have been forged by a master armorer, lies here.



Object 'the Reforged Helm of Torment Lost' is infused with your magic...
It is a level 42 armor, weight 10.
Locations it can be worn:  head
Special properties:  metal
Races allowed:  Human Elf Dwarf Halfling Gith Drow Gnome
Alignments allowed:  good neutral
This armor has a gold value of 100000.
Armor class is 20 of 20.
Affects damage roll by 5.
Affects hp by 50.
Affects resistant:slash by 5%.
Affects save vs breath by -2.
Affects save vs rod by -2.
Affects hp regeneration by 5.



The hard metal surface of this rather substantial helmet looks to have been
forged by an incredibly hot fire. The helmet has pictures enscribed on it
telling of torture and abuse and great suffering.



You say 'hammer'
Cedrikor nods solemnly.
Cedrikor says 'I really miss that hammer. Perfect balance and weight. Excellent for both bashing metal and bashing heads. The guards took it from me when I was put in here of course, so I assume they still have 
it somewhere.'
You say 'flame'
Cedrikor thinks, 'Hmmmm.'
Cedrikor says 'Fire... yes. That's a tough one. I hear there's some magic types downstairs who may be able to get us some fire...'
You say 'metal'
Cedrikor thinks for a moment.
Cedrikor says 'I think your best bet if you wish to find that piece of metal for me is to try to contact this ranger prisoner downstairs... I can't remember his name, but if anyone can find it in this God 
forsaken place, he can.'

You give a sturdy dwarven hammer to Cedrikor.
Cedrikor beams brightly.  Why is that?
Cedrikor exclaims 'You found my hammer! I can't believe it!'
Cedrikor wields a sturdy dwarven hammer.
Cedrikor grins.
Cedrikor wonders 'This feels great! Do you have the other items I requested?'
You give a hastily written scroll entitled 'qcandusahz yucandus' to Cedrikor.
Cedrikor exclaims 'Aha, you were able to find a scroll of fire. Very good!'
You drop a piece of rusting metal.
Cedrikor gets a piece of rusting metal.
Cedrikor recites a hastily written scroll entitled 'qcandusahz yucandus'
Cedrikor utters the words, 'qcandusahz yucandus'.
A small cloud of vaporous flame bursts forth before Cedrikor.
Cedrikor begins heating the metal... bending it and flattening it with his hammer.
Sparks fly as Cedrikor hammers down on the large piece of metal.
Blazing as hot as the sun, Cedrikor twirls the metal around, creating a helmet.
Cedrikor Drops the helmet into a puddle of waste in the corner, to cool it.
Cedrikor rubs bits of dried grass from his bedding onto the helmet to clean it off.
Cedrikor dons the Reforged Helm of Torment Lost upon his head.
Cedrikor says 'Excellent! I can't believe it, but this actually worked. Thank you for helping me out.'
Cedrikor smiles happily.
Cedrikor exclaims 'I'm sorry to say, though, the helmet is too good to give away. With my helmet and hammer, I might just be able to escape from this damned place!'
Cedrikor grins evilly.
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