Echtra of the Druidae

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A simple looking pair of leather sandals has been left upon the ground.



Object 'Echtra of the Druidae' is infused with your magic...
It is a level 50 armor, weight 3.
Locations it can be worn:  feet
Special properties:  unique
Genres allowed:  shaman
This armor has a gold value of 12234.
It is one of the pieces of the set 'Embodiment of the Elder Druidae'.
Armor class is 10 of 10.
Affects hp by 10.
Affects mana by 30.
Affects damage roll by 4.
Affects resistant:fire by 3%.
Affects resistant:cold by 3%.
Affects resistant:electricity by 3%.
Affects resistant:poison by 3%.
  Bonuses for 'Embodiment of the Elder Druidae', 4 pieces:
    Affects damage roll by 2.
    Affects hp regeneration by 10.
    Affects mana regeneration by 10.



Well-worn and sturdy, these sandals bear the aspiring druid to  wherever his or
her destination might be, while conferring some power of resistance to the
elements. The sandals bear a unique magical marking:


Part of the Embodiment of the Elder Druidae Equipment set

The swirling currents of wind coalesce into a Druidic piece of armor.
You hold the armor in your hands tightly, bowing with a profound reverence for the elements.
A wind devil drops Echtra of the Druidae.
You get Echtra of the Druidae.
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