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A woman tends to the wounds of the sick and dying.




Wearing a simple white dress with her long, greying hair tied back in a blue
handkerchief, Mayera has always been drawn to the ways of the clergy and has
chosen to live her life out in the forest where she can perform her healing
arts. She built this small chapel with her own two hands, vowing that she would
never close its doors to any who needed her help.


A woman tends to the wounds of the sick and dying.
Mayera is shrouded in flowing shadow and light.
A small girl lies in one of the cots, her face deathly pale.
Mayera smiles at you.
Mayera says 'Are you the one sent here to help me?'
Mayera says 'That poor child is dying, I can't leave her alone'
Mayera wets a strip of cloth and places it on the girl's forehead.
Mayera says 'We must hurry if we are to save her, she's burning up.'
Mayera says 'Just nod if you are able to help me'


You nod solemnly.
Mayera says 'I'm sorry, but I need the younger ones' help to complete'
Mayera says 'the remedy. Level 30 and below.
Mayera beams a smile at you.

The reward is a thick, white salve

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